Contact Information

Address :
ARA Center, Matana University Tower Lt. P3
Jl. CBD Barat Kav.1, Gading Serpong
Tangerang 15810
Phone Number :
(+62 21) 2923-2999, ext. 301, 302
Fax Number :
(+62 21) 2941-8999
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Service Hours

Mondays - Fridays :
Open : 08.00 AM - 08.00 PM

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our library opens from 08.00 AM - 05.00 PM



Management, accounting, information systems, programming, and artificial intelligence are our major collection. Depending on your learning style and behavior, you can prefer various of media  choices, print or electronic; books or journals and other serials collections to fulfill your information need.


Library Membership

Membership is granted to the following:

  • all Matana University staff, and
  • all registered students.


Matana University Online Public Access Catalog. For assistance, contact your librarian by email